Rich light brown color




She has been dying her hair a dark brown color for a long time.

So she was having to retouch her color every three weeks.




She wanted to change her hair style during her trip.

So we did highlights and touched up the regrowth then put on a toner.


Highlights are for people who want to have a lighter hair color, but have been dying it a dark color.

The toner allows it to balance out to rich color, because only the highlights have too much yellow in them.




I sometimes get a message asking me for advice on which treatment and style to go for.

However, it’s hard to say before I see your hair and ask about your color  history.

So please come to the salon just for a consultation.

Then we can discuss your hair and find best way to change your color




Alternatively, please send me a picture of your current hair color our and what you’d like to change to.

That helps me to understand what change you need, then I’ll be able to help you achieve your desired look.

Also, it’s fine to discuss this when you come to the salon without having to send a photo.


Please feel free to ask me anything.

I hope that I can help you feel happy with your hair.



Hair salon 712

English speaking hair salon in Shibuya

(For Blonde,Balayage,Brunette,any hair color)


Phone  03-5787-6384

Instagram  hair712yuki


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