Brazilian Keratin Treatment


You can see how smooth and shiny her hair is.




However, her hair is naturally wavy and frizzy, so she always has to style it straight or wavy.

She doesn’t like having damaged ends on her hair, but she doesn’t want to cut it.


In this case, I highly recommend “Brazilian Keratin Treatment”.

We took a long time to create this look (around 3 hours).

However, she said that it was worth it, and her hair has got smoother and easier to style.






I’ll explain about the precautions:


-It will get slightly straighter, but it won’t go straight.


-You can’t shampoo for 3 days after the treatment, so you have to keep your hair straight in that period.


-You have to use special shampoo which does not include sodium chloride.

Most shampoos have it, so please check the label. Also I can suggest.


- If you use a different shampoo, your hair will go back to its natural state.


- Other than shampoo, you can use any conditioner or other products.


-It will last 3-4 months. It depends how often you wash your hair. If you don’t shampoo very often, it will last longer.


-Every time you do this treatment, it will last longer each time.


-It won’t go 100% smooth, but the frizziness of the hair will reduce. So if you need styling, hopefully now it’ll be much easier and faster.




I hope you now understand what Keratin Treatment is and what precautions you should take.

It will help your lifestyle and make it easier, especially for those with fizzy hair.

Please feel free to ask any questions.




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