Blonde Balayage Color




This lady has had a bad experience with this color, in a salon in Japan.

It turned out a terrible yellow color, because most Japanese hairdressers don’t know how to create the blonde color which foreigners like.

Which means it creates a much different style for the Japanese and foreigners.


So when I saw her for the first time, I put in brown low lights to try to cancel out the yellow tone to create a honey tone.


Actually I couldn’t fix it 100% on that day, but her hair looked much nicer.

So for fixing the color, it may take couple of visits, but then you will be 100% happy with it.






After we fixed her hair color, we can now just work with her regrowth to maintain a nice Balayage look.


Her hair gets easily tangled, especially when it’s wet.

With this kind of hair, it’s better to use hair oil, then comb through with big brush right to the ends.


Luckily her hair looks shiny after drying it, she doesn’t need to do a styling. However, if she wants her hair wavy, it won’t last long.

So almost everyone has issues about their hair.


I think that is important to know about pros and cons of your hair.

Let’s find out about a good hairstyle for you, with me.




Hair salon 712

English speaking hair salon in Shibuya

(For Blonde,Balayage,Brunette,any hair color)


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